Education Division

Knowledge building and sharing

Knowledge building and knowledge sharing have always been core to OLIN’s practice. OLIN Labs ensures that all OLIN projects have access to and reflect that best, most current design and analysis practices. Labs members plan and present office-wide lectures and training sessions, while maintaining physical and digital knowledge resources such as our material library and online Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base

Central to OLIN Labs is OLIN’s Knowledge Base (the KB). An internal sharing platform, the KB was developed in 2008 to catalog and store OLIN’s in-house knowledge. The KB is a tool for evidence-based design and serves as a repository of the deep knowledge that is created and collected through project work. A place for knowledge collection, and distribution, the KB makes our institutional knowledge accessible to all OLIN designers.


OLIN Labs provides core and advanced training in all aspects of practice, from design and documentation, construction, and principles of sustainability to advanced visualization and analytics. Currently all training is internal to our Philadelphia and Los Angeles offices, but Labs is working toward an educational model that can be shared widely in support of our growing profession.

Library & Archives

OLIN's library and archival collections house drawings and materials spanning OLIN’s 40 years of practice. Holding over 7,000 items in the collection. 4,300 of these are print items (books, periodicals, exhibition catalogs, over-sized items, special collections, etc.) of which 1,700 have been donated from Laurie Olin’s personal collection. The collection also includes approximately 1,800 tubes of landscape architecture drawings. A conservative estimate of 20 drawings per tube would mean that OLIN's archives hold 36,000 drawings representing decades of work. The remaining materials in our collection include OLIN's masterplans, compiled historical research, and half-sized sets.

Education Initiatives